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Steve & Anita - Ormiston


Nick here, from Action Kitchens. Today I’m going to share with you how we work with our clients. After reading this blog you will have a clear understanding of what is involved in transforming kitchen spaces. 


Keep reading to follow our client’s  renovation journey.


Steve & Anita approached us with a vision of renovating their family home located in the Redlands City suburb of Ormiston.


We organised a showroom consultation where we viewed existing house plans and discussed possible options for the renovation. This was a great time to discuss budget requirements, Action Kitchen’s services and establish options of internal finishes.


We established a design brief outlining Steve & Anita’s specific requirements for their renovation:

  • Steve had selected a range of high end appliances that were a must have!

  • Both Steve & Anita really wanted to transform their space into a modern, yet functional kitchen that they could enjoy living and entertaining in again.

  • Maximising the limited storage space they currently had.

  • The new designs and colour selections must complement future plans for the rest of their home.


Site Inspection

Now that we have a clear vision for Steve & Anita’s Project, I popped out to inspect their site.


This stage is one of the most important stages where we will inspect:

  • Carpentry requirements

  • Plumbing requirements

  • Electrical requirements

  • Plastering requirements

  • Flooring requirements

  • Detailed site measurements.

This allows us to establish a detailed Scope of Works that needs to be completed for the project and starts the next step to our design process.


Concept & Presentation

We have started our concept design process where we take all the information we have gathered so far and develop a detailed set of concept plans.


Once these plans were completed, I quoted the full Scope of Works that was required for this project.

“Now it’s time for one of my favourite meetings, concept presentation”. - Nick Davie

During this meeting, we will present our concepts for cabinetry design, colour selections, project scope and schedule. 

From this meeting, Steve & Anita received a set of 3D concept plans & a detailed scope of works for the project.


“Now it’ time for one of my favourite meetings, concept presentation”.

Nick Davie

Project Feasibility 

Steve & Anita required time to review plans and other project quotes from other companies.

During this time we reviewed a couple of design options and some of the finer details.

After attending to all of Steve’s requirements we were advised that we could proceed with the project. Some payments were exchanged and the project entered our Pre-construction stage.

"We approached a number of Kitchen renovation companies looking for one that provided us with an expert view on what was possible in our existing space.

We did not want stock standard and were looking for a wow factor that transformed our current space into an entertaining joy.

Nick provided an innovative design with some slight structural changes that improved flow in our home between informal and formal dining areas and creating a “cooking” space we can now share with guests"

 Steve & Anita


This stage is all about the details, signing off on the following selections like:

  • Appliance selections

  • Cabinetry finishes

  • Cabinetry plans

  • All internal finishes & futures

  • Project Schedule ( Outlining all dates for work onsite )

This ensures that all key project decisions have been made.

This guarantees the project will run smoothly and no poor last minute decisions are made during construction.

Ensuring you have time to consider the decisions that you need to make for your project is really important. 


On this project we worked closely with Steve to project manage all works leading up to our Scope of Works which included multiple site visits with trades to ensure the project was running smoothly.


But there is one day that has all the anticipation. Cabinetry delivery and installation, this is when the space starts to transform into the design we have created. Our skilled cabinet makers spend the time custom fitting all their cabinetry into the space.


Once the cabinetry is installed the stone benches are measured and a 7 day time lead has been scheduled.

The stone benches on the project were a focal point with the 100mm edges and 45 degree mitre waterfall legs and made a unique island bench feature. The stone mason advised us that the stone had been installed and all trades are organised to fit off plumbing and electrical services.


Now we have completed the Scope of Works of this project. We completed  a final inspection with Steve & Anita to ensure they are happy with all work that has been completed. We have a handover guide that explains how to look after your new kitchen.

Now you have a little insight on how we work with our clients. Transforming their old tired homes into spaces they can enjoy again. 

Want to find out how we can help you with your next project?

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Nick Davie

Owner & Designer

For those who don't know me,


My passion for the construction industry started as a young boy. I was always building and fixing things, which has lead me to become a qualified carpenter & cabinetmaker.


Today, I'm the Owner & Designer at Action Kitchens. 

My passion for the industry and our clients have developed the way Action Kitchens is today. We aim to deliver exceptional cabinetry to our clients with hassle free design and project management. 



We really wanted to make our client's design & build journey stress free and enjoyable.

We achieve that by meeting with all our clients personally, so we can understand their unique requirements. We ask the how and why through our design process to ensure that no details are overlooked.


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